Cows and bicycles

Cows and Bikes on Midsummer Common, Cambridge © 2016 Sally. All rights reserved.

I love the mixture of green spaces, cows and bicycles in Cambridge! I did this picture of Midsummer Common using some Portfolio oil pastels that I was trying out. I loved them! They were smooth and easy to draw with. … Continue reading


Daffodils © 2016 Sally. All rights reserved.

These daffodils caught my attention as the light was shining through their petals. Their actual backdrop was a car park, but I decided not to include that in the painting! This was my first painting for a while and I … Continue reading

Holkham beach

HolkhamBeach © 2015 Sally. All rights reserved.

This sketch of Holkham beach was done while on holiday at Wells-next-to-Sea. I love the vastness of Holkham beach with the alternating bands of water and sand as the tide goes out.


Cow © 2015 Sally. All rights reserved.

This was another painting that I did while at a workshop by Chris Lockwood. I love cows!

21 days of creative freedom

P1280447 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

I did Julia’s inspirational course: 21 Days of Creative Freedom. Julia systematically took me through every possible creative block in turn until I had no more excuses not to create! I created far more art during the 3 weeks of the course than I would … Continue reading

Connect to nature

P1280287 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

I’ve now finished the wonderful Connect to Nature: Connect to Self course run by Morwhenna and Jaimie and I really enjoyed it. Being outside definitely increases my feelings of well-being and I discovered that even something as simple as spending 5 … Continue reading


P1270884 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

Over Easter, I was lucky enough to watch 2 robins going backwards and forwards all day to feed their young. The nest was in the ivy next to my Mum’s dining room window, so at every meal we watched them! … Continue reading