Cows and bicycles

Cows and Bikes on Midsummer Common, Cambridge © 2016 Sally. All rights reserved.

I love the mixture of green spaces, cows and bicycles in Cambridge! I did this picture of Midsummer Common using some Portfolio oil pastels that I was trying out. I loved them! They were smooth and easy to draw with. … Continue reading


Daffodils © 2016 Sally. All rights reserved.

These daffodils caught my attention as the light was shining through their petals. Their actual backdrop was a car park, but I decided not to include that in the painting! This was my first painting for a while and I … Continue reading

Holkham beach

HolkhamBeach © 2015 Sally. All rights reserved.

This sketch of Holkham beach was done while on holiday at Wells-next-to-Sea. I love the vastness of Holkham beach with the alternating bands of water and sand as the tide goes out.


Cow © 2015 Sally. All rights reserved.

This was another painting that I did while at a workshop by Chris Lockwood. I love cows!