21 days of creative freedom

I did Julia’s inspirational course: 21 Days of Creative Freedom. Julia systematically took me through every possible creative block in turn until I had no more excuses not to create! I created far more art during the 3 weeks of the course than I would have done alone. I enjoyed the variety of inspirational exercises and also loved being part of an online group encouraging each other. My biggest learning was that creating art doesn’t have to take very long or involve lots of effort. I am now going to experiment more and have fun working out what I enjoy creating most!


  1. Sally, this warmed my heart!
    I love that you created so much art during our 21 Days of Creative Freedom. It was wonderful to see your beautiful creations and how you experimented and evolved your style and approach over the course of 3 weeks… even in just a few minutes of art-making each day.
    Keep playing and sharing your art. x

    • Sally

      Thanks Julia, I really enjoyed your course and am continuing to create more than before I did it! x

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