IMG_2840I am a Mum of two and wish I had more free time for painting and photography. I’ve loved painting since I was a child but have only managed to do it once a year on holiday (if that!) for many many years. This blog is about my attempts to do more painting and photography, and to paint with my young children since most of my time is spent with them!

My journey has been about learning to create for fun instead of turning it into a chore – to experiment and be playful instead of worrying about the finished picture. I want to share this enjoyment with others, which is why I’m now running a workshop.

I’ve also realised that for me, painting and photography are about appreciating the moment. I want to capture moments that I appreciate, but also the act of painting and photography themselves help me to slow down and enjoy the current moment more. This quote from from Alain de Botton in Apples, Pears and Paint: How to make a Still Life Painting sums it up (he is talking about still life painting but for me it also applies to any painting or photography):

“When we think about what happiness really entails, it often is about an appreciation of the moment, and of things that are right in front of our eyes, and things that are in a way quite ordinary. And still life helps us with that. ”

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