Christmas gratitude

Throughout December, I took a photo each day to show my gratitude for something, in the hope that it would help me to focus on the good things in the run up to Christmas and not just the chaos and Christmas shopping.

The things I was grateful for were: twinkly lights, running, crunchy leaves, cuddles with my children on the sofa, a pre-school trip to the park, an early night, putting up the Christmas tree, my children’s Christmas shows, Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey, Nativity plays, Lebkuchen hearts, beer and curry with friends (although I forgot to take a picture!), Christmas stories, sprouts, mince pies, winter blossom, cracker jokes, warm slippers, glitter, mulled wine, the Christmas Radio Times, festive crafts, crazy lights and time with family.

I really enjoyed doing the Christmas gratitude photos. They helped me to focus on the good in each day and I loved seeing a visual representation of lots of things that make me happy. Sometimes doing a pictorial version of gratitude was tricky – I either forgot to photograph the thing I was grateful for, or realised I was grateful for it after the event and hadn’t taken a photo, or I was grateful for something that wasn’t easily represented in a photo. Overall though it was great and I would do it again.

As for Christmas, I didn’t get excited about it but there were plenty of things I enjoyed about it: special food and drink, time with friends and family, my children’s Christmas shows, decorations, and doing things as a family – walks, playing games and watching TV. Self-care was also an important part of the month – getting enough sleep and exercise. I will make sure I focus on the things I love about Christmas next year!


  1. Hi Sally, that is beautiful!!!

  2. Sally

    Thanks so much Julia. I hope you have a joyful Christmas too. Sally x

  3. Sally, the lights are beautiful and so is your whole idea for sharing your gratitude this month. I, too, have been really feeling that I want to shift the focus away from consumerism and this is the perfect antidote… getting back to the heart of the festive season and all the things that make this time of year so special. Today, I am grateful to you for sharing these joyful images. EnJOY the run up to Christmas… I will be checking back soon to follow your progress. Keep sharing, I love it.
    Julia x

  4. Sally

    Yes, lovely that it’s dry!

  5. It’s great weather for running at the moment, to start out feeling cold but return home feeling warm!

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