Images of Devon

My images of Devon from my holiday there last week were not the ones I was expecting! Instead of pictures of the sea and beautiful coast, the images that captivated me were the ferns and foxgloves in the country lanes and pebbles on the beach. On grey days I was not as inspired as on sunny ones, but still found inspiration at the aquarium from the jellyfish and the light shining through the water. Many beautiful scenes I observed but did not photograph or paint as the rain was too heavy even to get out the camera. I did however return to see the lovely Jubilee bunting in Kingsbridge and the second visit was dry enough to take a photo. The change in activities due to the weather meant that I noticed different things as it was too cold and wet to visit the beach much. I did see a theme emerging in the scenes that I was drawn to: light. The light illuminating the edges of the ferns, the light emitted from the jelly fish and shining through the water at the aquarium and the light shining on wet pebbles.  I didn’t paint as much as I hoped last week. I thought it was because I was tired and needed a break – that was true. I now also see that I was expecting too much from a picture, expecting to paint something wonderful instead of being happy with quick 20 minute sketches whose ambition matched my tired state, and doing more of them.


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