Learning to play

I am learning to play again. To do things for fun without caring about the end result. It’s funny how even a “play project” can turn into a chore if approached in the wrong way. For example setting goals to do a certain number of paintings per week or painting when I’m really tired. Instead I would be better off taking a break  / going for a run / going to the park – anything to re-energise myself before trying to paint again. I’m like a child learning to walk – I play, it becomes a chore and I fall down, I get up and re-discover playing again. Children don’t have this problem, they already know how to play. How did we forget? How can we make sure our children don’t forget?


  1. very sweet! I could come with a scientific explanation why we lose that spontaneity and playfulness of children but your images and text is telling the story much better 🙂

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