Spring flowers

P1270599 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

I picked these flowers to save them from my mowing of the lawn! I love how the light coming through a crack in the curtains illuminated them.

Nature walk

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I’m had a wonderful walk in the park today, thanks to the course I’m doing with Morwhenna and Jaimie – Connect to Nature: Connect to Self. I often go the park with the kids but I paid more attention today. … Continue reading

Just create!

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After thinking about why I wanted to create art in my previous post, a further conversation with my inspiring friend Julia at Be Creative Daily led me to this video about Kiki Smith, who says: “I don’t question my impetus…I … Continue reading

Face painting

IMG_3952 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

My sister gave me some face paints for my birthday and I’ve been having lots of fun with them! Here are some examples that I’ve been trying out on Sam and Emily. I painted lots more different faces yesterday at … Continue reading


P1270371 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

I took these photos at Anglesey Abbey. They have a wonderful winter garden with lots and lots of snowdrops. The kids also love to run around there, so we’re all happy!


P1250882 © 2014 Sally. All rights reserved.

We spent the day in Wandlebury Country Park for a birthday party and everyone had lots of fun! It was a beautiful day the children loved playing with the extra-large bubbles. I particularly liked this picture of a lone bubble floating … Continue reading


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I’m following 52 Creative Prompts and this week’s prompt was pink. There’s not much pink in nature at this time of year – the things I have noticed are the blossom that I photographed in December and this morning’s sky was … Continue reading


Wilfred © 2013 Sally. All rights reserved.

Here is my Mum’s dog Wilfred. He’s a miniature wire-haired dachshund and I thought he looked especially lovely against these autumn leaves.