Painting like a 5 year old

I’ve started doing Connie’s wonderful free painting course Total Alignment. In my first session I painted the heart picture that you see here and I enjoyed it so much. It was very satisfying to paint just for the fun of it. I set up a painting session in the kitchen with my paper taped to the kitchen door and the children painted too, one stood at either side of their easel. Connie teaches us to paint like a 5 year old, as they paint just for fun and don’t care what the painting looks like. So I had the perfect inspiration, painting with my  4 year old and 2 year old. We ALL had a great time! I’d like to try a solo painting session next time as the requests of “Mummy can I have more paint?” and “Come and look at this Mummy” stopped me from getting into as meditative as state as I’d have liked but it was still great! I also want to get some slightly better materials as the children’s ready mix paint didn’t flow very easily over the paper which also interrupted my rhythm. In my last post I talked about feeling at Home in my physical environment, and while doing this painting I also had a feeling of really being at home within myself.


  1. Sally this is so beautiful to see! I’ve always wished that I could put all my inhibitions aside and paint like I used it when I was young. Kids are so fearless, which produces great beauty. I’m really excited to see your journey unfolding x

    • Sally

      Thanks Sarah. I love your paintings! I really recommend the Total Alignment course if you want to have a go at painting like a 5 year old!

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