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One of the things I learnt on the 30 day challenge was to trust. Trust in the process and do what I enjoy, without wondering whether the painting will be any good or if what I am doing is leading somewhere. To do things purely for the enjoyment. I keep hearing this message at the moment. First, I read Selina’s advice to trust your heart for guidance and Go to where the love is. Then shortly after, I watched Connie’s Fearless painting inspiration video about trusting the painting to be my guide and her invitation to “approach your painting one step at a time” and trust that the answers will come even if they don’t come straight away. I’ve already found that doing what I enjoy, one step at a time, leads to unexpected and lovely outcomes. When I was trying to paint more and couldn’t find the time, I tried painting with my daughter. It was enjoyable for both of us and I felt closer to her afterwards as well. So I’m going to continue to follow my heart, letting it guide my painting and photography, one step at a time.


  1. Sally, I just read your lovely post here on TRUST. It really resonates with me at the moment. So glad that you are following your heart. I am sure it will lead you in wonderful directions and that you will create more great things. x

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