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Why I want to create art

I have been wondering recently about why I constantly have the urge to create art even though I don’t often act on it. Some answers had already come to mind but then a couple of Facebook discussions started by Be Creative Daily (about creative blocks and creating art for arts sake) got me thinking about it again.

I realised that I have the urge to create:

  1. For fun. I love moving the paint on the page and seeing the colours. Painting helps me to focus on and enjoy the moment.
  2. To express gratitude. When I feel grateful and full of joy about a scene in nature that I’ve just experienced I want to capture it somehow. I never manage to though!
  3. To share a funny image in my head with others. Sometimes an amusing image will pop into my head and I want to put it onto paper but usually can’t manage to express it successfully and feel frustrated at my drawing skills.
  4. To release emotions. I’ve tried painting to let out my emotions but haven’t always found that it makes me feel better.

I’m continuing to paint for fun and for now, that is enough. I hope that my skills improve enough to enable me to express gratitude and share images in my head with others better.

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